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What is Priapism and how to find out if you suffer from it?

First of all, let’s define exactly what priapism is. Priapism is a disorder causing a prolonged erection of the penis in the absence of sexual desire or stimulation. This pathology is sometimes associated with complications, such as erectile dysfunction. To a large extent, Priapism occurs in patients with haematological disorders, so there is genuine concern […]

How do you practice Kegel exercises?

We show you their different applications and how to practice Kegel exercises for men correctly.  Kegel exercises are used to exercise the pubococcygeus muscle:    Firstly, sit on the edge of your bed or a chair, then separate your legs slightly while resting your hands on your knees.  Lean the upper torso forward, keeping the […]

Am I suffering from a lack of sex drive?

Laura approached Carlos and began to caress his leg in a suggestive manner, but Carlos pushed her away. Laura became annoyed and said, “We haven’t had sex in 2 weeks. Don’t you feel like it again?” Then, in the end, she went into another room to watch TV. In the meanwhile, Carlos sat on the […]

What kind of shock waves are there?

Shock waves have been used as therapy from the early 1980s. What began as a treatment for kidney stones is applied in many other fields today. For example, it is applied in aesthetic medicine to cure muscular injuries as well as for the treatment of sexual disorders, such as erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease. Each […]

Check if aphrodisiac foods are a myth or a reality

Foods don’t just have an influence on one’s physical health, they also impact on sexual health. Both in excess as in scarcity, they can cause changes to some of the functions related to sex.  It is even thought that some foods may influence one’s sexual drive and prowess. In Medical Journal, we have carried out […]

The 10 main causes of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem which affects a large part of the male population. The problem can negatively influence your relationship with your partner. Once you have an orgasm, the penis will lose its erection, which makes it impossible for penetration to occur or it will be completed sooner than desired. This creates problems of […]

How do erectile problems affect your partner? 

Erectile dysfunction is a problem which affects not only the sufferer, but also their partner. The emotional problems related to this type of dysfunction can cause tension between the two partners. Here we’ll explain how erectile problems can affect a couple and we’ll also give you the solutions so you can solve them together.   […]

What is psychological sexual impotence

There are many causes which can lead to sexual impotence. One of the most common and difficult to treat is psychological impotence. Its treatment is more complex than others, but it can be cured. We’ll explain what this dysfunction consists of and the different treatments you can resort to if you suffer from it.    […]

Classification and degrees of premature ejaculation

  When we talk about premature ejaculation, we’re talking about the most common sexual dysfunction in men, since it currently affects more than 35% of men around the world, and more than 75% admit that at some point in their lives they have had some episode of premature ejaculation for a short period of time.  […]

How to arouse sexual appetite in men

    There are many ways to arouse desire in a man, especially in cases where, for psychological, physical or organic reasons, he may be going through a decrease in sexual desire or appetite. Men tend to run out of sexual appetite at some point in their life; in these cases their partner will become […]