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Facts about male sex drive

Below, you will find some facts about the male sex drive. We will explain why it is more intense and frequent in many cases than that of women. Knowing the differences will be a help to improve relationships and to solve some problems that may arise from not understanding the nuances behind sex drive.

Why male sex drive is more intense

Sex drive is the desire to obtain sexual satisfaction. Although such a definition may seem somewhat cold and selfish, it is not so, as long as it is shared. This natural impulse is usually produced as a hormone (testosterone, among others) and a psychological response. For this reason, a man may have an intense desire to have sex because he is stimulated by his partner, because his testosterone is high, or both.

Typically, the male sex drive is more intense than women. The main reason is that this occurs in different ways. While in the case of men the factors are mainly physical, in the case of women there is usually a high emotional component.

The hormonal differences are behind why the sex drive is more intense in men. In the case of women, hormones fluctuate considerably during more and less fertile periods. The same happens during pregnancy and after childbirth. In a normal state, testosterone production follows a more linear pattern. This influences the sexual response to stimuli.

Another thing that influences male sex drive is education. Men have been encouraged to show off their sex drive as a sign of masculinity, while women are taught to be less physical and more emotional. Pornography is mainly oriented to male satisfaction and is usually consumed from an early age. This also influences the intensity and frequency of male desire, in many cases creating a distorted image of how to maintain satisfying sexual relationships.


Physical factors that influence sex drive

Some situations positively influence men’s sex drive, such as the time. Between 7:00 and 9:00 hours male testosterone is at its highest level, while in the case of women it is from 9:00 pm when desire is at its highest point.

Another factor that influences male sex drive is health. Being healthy will help the libido to be active and generate a better hormonal response. Factors such as rest, food and other healthy habits are key for men to maintain a good sex drive.


Drugs and tobacco are direct enemies of sex drive. Abuse of these can directly affect desire, either distorting it or eliminating it completely. Some of the drugs used to fight depression are included in substances that can alter sex drive.


Emotional factors that influence sex drive

Although men have a greater ability to dissociate love and sex, their sex drive is also affected by emotional factors. The affection and complicity in the couple increase the desire and improve both the frequency and quality of sexual relationships.

Self-esteem is also key in making the male sex drive more intense and frequent. Not having complexes, feeling attractive to others, affection and other things like that will prevent libido from being consistently low.


There are external factors that also positively or negatively influence. If you are going through moments of happiness, sexual desire will increase, while if the opposite occurs it will be reduced or disappear completely. The brain can divert attention from sex drive if it is going through a difficult time. The death of someone close, too much work or economic problems will negatively interfere with desire.


How to increase sex drive

Interesting points on how to arouse the sex drive:

  • Routine is another enemy of male sex drive. Talking about it with the couple and changing some habits can intensify desire. Simple things like trying to have sex on different days, at different times or in different places can be some of these routine changes.
  • Another key thing to do to increase sex drive is to play. Spending some time before penetration to caress, do massages and other games improves the experience of having sex. Like this you will feel more attracted to your partner and both of your desire to go to bed together will increase.
  • Visual stimuli greatly arouse sexual appetite. Tracksuits and thick pajamas are great enemies of sex drive. There is nothing better than some sexy clothes to increase sex drive. A careless couple in this regard will also be adversely affected. To increase sex drive, you have to get dressed up.
  • Smell can increase sex drive. Some smells arouse desire. Setting up an area in ​​the house with certain smells or changing perfume can help a man show a predisposition to have sex
  • Words are another powerful tool to increase sex drive. Talking with your partner openly about what you like is an effective way to increase sex drive. Having positive conversations about feelings, about what you like most about the other person and how much you enjoy being in bed together, is a tool to increase sexual desire.

Knowing information about the male sex drive makes it easier to arouse or increase it. Although key aspects have been mentioned, each person is very different and can respond to each of the stimuli in a different way, focus on those that have the greatest effect on you. If you believe that none of the things mentioned improve sex drive, it is advisable to put yourself in the hands of a professional to find out what is happening.

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