Check if aphrodisiac foods are a myth or a reality

Foods don’t just have an influence on one’s physical health, they also impact on sexual health. Both in excess as in scarcity, they can cause changes to some of the functions related to sex.  It is even thought that some foods may influence one’s sexual drive and prowess. In Medical Journal, we have carried out an analysis on some aphrodisiac foods. Are they myth or reality?

Some foods have been attributed with the ability to increase one’s appetite, resistance or sexual prowess.  Many people will assure you that these are effective and other people are sceptical about them. One of the reasons why some have one opinion while others have another may be due to the effect that foods have on each individual person. The best way forward is for each person to see how they are affected. Try it for yourself and see if aphrodisiac foods are a myth or reality


  • Oysters. Is one of the foods to which the most aphrodisiac properties are attributed. It is said that oysters help with cellular regeneration and that they also influence the chemical elements that control a person’s mood. This may be related to an increase in masculine testosterone and, because of this, the libido. What is certain is that their appearance may awaken the sexual drive due to their resemblance to female sexual organs. 
  • Chocolate: Another classic element among aphrodisiac foods is chocolate. It has been proved that it contains properties that improve the levels of tryptophan and phenethylamine. Both of these influence the production of serotonin, which is one of the chemical components that activate sensations of joy and happiness. Phenethylamine is related to the feeling of being in love. So, it may well have some influence on a person’s libido. 
  • Cinnamon: Since time immemorial, cinnamon has been linked to sexual drive. Whether because of its reputation or because it really does activate desire, cinnamon turns out to be an aphrodisiac for many men.  
  • Banana. It may be an aphrodisiac for two reasons. Scientific knowledge relates the potassium and vitamin groups present in the food with sexual prowess.  Another reason is that the banana is associated with the male member and is quickly related to sex.  
  • Strawberries: That strawberries are good for the production of blood is an indisputable fact. This probably helps to maintain harder erections for a longer period of time. They are also associated with relaxation and good mood, things that are always important factors in awakening desire.  
  • Figs: The fig is a food rich in vitamins. It also helps to increase serotonin levels which control feelings of happiness. This makes it the perfect candidate to include among the aphrodisiac foods.  


Try these foods and see if they really do have an aphrodisiac effect on you.