How to arouse sexual appetite in men



There are many ways to arouse desire in a man, especially in cases where, for psychological, physical or organic reasons, he may be going through a decrease in sexual desire or appetite.

Men tend to run out of sexual appetite at some point in their life; in these cases their partner will become their best ally to contribute to the management of emotions and maintain their sex life as a couple.

All the techniques for achieving arousal of sexual appetite in men are valid, from knowledge of the erogenous zones, via arousing the partner, up to having a preamble to the intercourse. All this is of great help before and during sexual intercourse. In addition to guaranteeing the success of your relationship, you will be able to help your partner if they are going through a period of decreased sexual appetite.

Time, daily problems and routine contribute to creating friction between couples which, if not considered, will cause problems which can be difficult to overcome. 

There are many moments and situations which you can share to achieve an excellent lasting sexual relationship, among them are:

Stimulating the senses: the brain is the area of the body where desire and sexual appetite are generated. This organ sends a message to the testicles telling them to release testosterone, in addition to stimulating the sense part. It is important to stimulate the senses (smell, hearing, sight, taste and touch). This will allow you to gain control of sensations during the sexual act.

Taking the initiative can be very helpful: in some cases one of the members of the couple has little desire to be intimate or to have a sexual relationship for fear of failing and not satisfying their companion. This is where you should take the initiative to give them confidence in order to chase away their fears and achieve satisfaction – as well as pleasure – during sex. 

You need to break away from monotony: in addition to taking the initiative, it’s necessary to break with your routine. At every moment you have to innovate. Reinventing yourself is the magic word. Creativity is important when it comes to awakening desire in a relationship.

Share a good massage together: Massaging each other, as well as being relaxing, can be very arousing and will help you to quickly achieve the maximum sexual stimulus to enjoy as a couple. 

It’s important to note that they are aimed at the sensitive areas of your partner such as the scalp, thighs, back, behind the knees or the abdomen. Couples will direct their massage to the sites of their body which are the most stimulating.

Performing erotic dances in order to achieve maximum pleasure from sexual intercourse – and to achieve arousal, to keep the intercourse more active – is another option. 

Reflexology: a large number of men feel particular arousal when they are stimulated through their feet. A massage in this area with creams, oils and stimulating aromas will increase the pleasure and joy during sexual intercourse, which will be of great benefit to achieving maximum sexual stimulation.

At the time of putting this technique into practice, both of you will experience enjoyment as you can both give each other pleasure and enjoy the moment. 

Use sex toys: the use of toys such as lubricants, oils and special gloves to caress the skin can help to create fantasies and increase sexual stimulation through the sense of touch and imagination. It’s the best way to start with sex toys.