sexual impotence

What is psychological sexual impotence

There are many causes which can lead to sexual impotence. One of the most common and difficult to treat is psychological impotence. Its treatment is more complex than others, but it can be cured. We’ll explain what this dysfunction consists of and the different treatments you can resort to if you suffer from it. 


How to identify psychological sexual impotence


When you are physically well, but unable to get an erection, you are most likely suffering from psychological sexual impotence. If you have ever suffered from this problem, you don’t have to worry too much. It is a sign which needs attention, but it doesn’t mean that you have a serious problem. 

In the most serious cases impotence occurs continuously, it becomes commonplace and is characterised by the inability to maintain an erection or even to get one. Before reaching this extreme, we recommend that you put an end to the growing problem. Pay attention to the advice we’ll give you and, if there is no improvement, go to a professional. 


What causes psychological sexual impotence


Psychological impotence occurs when there is an alteration in emotions. The brain is part of the sexual organ. If something isn’t right in your mind, this is reflected in the inability to maintain an erection. 

In order for the brain to interpret and manage emotions, it is necessary for different chemical reactions to occur. The imagination and the senses are responsible for activating the neurotransmitters responsible for arousing sexual appetite and the brain responds by sending stimuli to the sexual organ, so that an erection occurs. 

If one of the steps mentioned is subjected to interference, the chemical reactions do not take place and the process is interrupted. The causes which interrupt the process taking place in the brain can be grouped into two categories: physical and emotional.


Psychological sexual impotence caused by physical problems


There are medications which have an effect on the emotional state and sexual desire. If you identify that these treatments have an adverse effect on your emotions and your sexual activity, visit a doctor so they can give you an alternative. 

Your diet can affect your emotions. Eating badly directly affects the brain and the emotions. Eat well and you will see how your sex life improves. The same can be said of rest. Physical exhaustion from overwork will also affect your mind and your ability to respond sexually.