improve erection

Tips to improve an erection

6 tips to improve an erection:

  • 1st Do Exercise: As typical as it sounds, it is one of the measures, (if not the one that most) helps you to reach your ideal body mass. Control your weight according to your height.

The healthy Body Mass index is between 18.5 and 24.9, and some ideal measures to achieve your goal are:

  • 2nd Ask a nutritionist for a personalized diet. We know that each body is different. Like cars, you cannot ask a 4 × 4 for the same performance as a sports car, since they have different characteristics. The same goes for the human body, the body of a 20-year-old adult is not the same as the body of a 70-year-old man. That is why it is essential to have a personalized diet in order to reach an optimal level with respect to our body.


  • 3rd Do not smoke. In addition to causing numerous chronic diseases such as cancer, respiratory or cardiovascular problems and diabetes, it has been shown that tobacco can destroy your muscles as its harmful effects affect muscle mass. It has been recently proven through the University of Nottingham, that tobacco impairs the daily functioning of muscles and accelerates the development of sarcopenia, accelerating the aging of our body in an unnatural way. It has also been shown that tobacco causes glycogen recovery disorders and promotes diseases such as hypertrophy and low back pain. But the most serious thing is that smoking affects the elasticity of the arteries, especially those of the penis, which are responsible for carrying and filling with blood to achieve an erection, so if you want to maintain strong and firm erections, let go of smoking!


  • 4th Do not drink alcohol: It is more than proven that the consumption of alcohol in large quantities and for long periods of time, affects your metabolism in a very serious way. In addition to producing diseases such as gastric ulcers, cancer, liver disease and cirrhosis, alcohol can create a muscle relaxant effect, and produce negative effects on the nervous system causing erectile failures. Also noteworthy is the irritability of the consumer or even the lack of sex drive. In the case of those seeking to be parents, it is also worth mentioning that alcohol consumption affects sperm quality very negatively.


  • 5th Control cholesterol and sugar levels: Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar levels, and that is why, for example, many people with diabetes are afraid of having an attack during their relationships, in many cases confusing hypoglycemia with sexual arousal. In the case of cholesterol, when you have high rates, arteries become clogged, hindering blood flow and therefore, erection becomes impossible.


6th If your erection problems persist, or you have had frequent failures in several sexual relationships, consult with an expert doctor from Revita Medical.

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